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  Tibble Fork - Winter

Distance: 1 mile to Granite Flat, 2 1/2 more to Silver Lake Reservior
Days Needed: 1 hr roundtrip Tibble Fk to Granite Flat; 2 1/2 hrs rountrip Tibble Fk to Silver Lake Res
Rating: Easy
Tibble Fork Elev: 6,400 ft
Granite Flat Elev:: 6,750 ft
Silver Lake Res. Elev: 7,550 ft
Maps: USGS 1:100,000 Provo and Salt Lake City

Summary and Attractions
Tibble Fork is a very popular area for all kinds of winter recreation, and for good reason:

The area is easily accessed. It has spectacular surroundings. It's high enough that it usually has decent snow for family sledding (very popular) on both the north and south sides of the lake. There are miles and miles of roads for snowmobling (unfortunately for the typical UtahWild reader).

Best yet, it's also a good take off point for skiers. Granite Flat Campground is a perfect area for beginning cross-country skiers. And Silver Lake Reservior is a good destination for intermediate skiers.

Needless to say, the parking lot is large and gets very crowded, especially on weekends. There are bathrooms at the parking area. If the American Fork Canyon entrance fee booth wasn't open when you drove in, you can pay the $6 day pass here. There's a drop-tube for payment on the east side.

Driving Directions
From I-15, take the Alpine/Cedar Hills/Highland Exit (#287) and turn onto UT-92 going east. This road goes directly into American Fork Canyon. Soon after entering the canyon, you'll reach the Forest Service toll station ($6 per vehicle). Approximately 5 miles later, turn left at a fork, following signs to "Granite Flat Campground / Tibble Fork Reservoir".

Route Notes
The routes described here are all on roads, so you can't get lost. They're easy to ski on, easy to follow.

From the parking area, you can either take the road going east, or head directly north up the tubing hill. They meet up in a few minutes.

If you take the road, it divides immediately outside of the parking lot. Another route goes straight ahead, but I'll be describing the route going on the road to the left.

It turns sharply left, and starts ascending. In a few minutes, it meets up with the top of the tubing hill.

About a mile up the road you'll reach the entrance to Granite Flat Campground, marked by a fee booth (for summer campers), a gate and a granite rock.

Granite Flat is a perfect area for beginning cross-country skiers to practice. Snowmobiles aren't allowed on the campground roads so it's nice and quiet and you can actually breathe clean air. The campground has a nice, large loop road.

Now, back at the road junction at the entrance to Granite Flat -- if you take the righthand road, you'll eventually get to Silver Lake Reservoir. There are some astounding views of Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak, etc, on this road. The road switches back and forth many times, ascending about 1000 feet before reaching the ridgetop and flatter terrain near the reservoir.

Further proof this area is used a lot - at the far north end of the reservoir there are even restrooms open for use. Ah well, it's still a beautiful day ski. The lake is surrounded by slopes of varying degrees -- if there's good snow, these are great for practicing tele turns.

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