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  Food Ideas

Planning menus for multi-day trips is normally not that difficult. Most people for a weekend trip or even for a week long trip can get by with whatever they happen to throw in the pack. For longer trips (2 weeks or more), or if you go out a lot, the food becomes more important to your well-being. You need lightweight, high energy, nutritious food, with plenty of variety. Here's a list of food items we've used on past trips. Some are obviously too heavy for some trips, some are meant for shorter trips or for cold weather trips because they are refrigerated foods, etc.Look for recipes here. Do you have other food items you'd add to this list? Email us your suggestions

· MaltOMeal (add raisins for more bulk)
· rice (add raisins and dried milk)
· granola (with dried milk)
· fruit cocktail (small cans)
· pancakes (need small pan,spatula, low-heat option on stove, lots of fuel, syrup in small container)
· other grain breakfast recipes here

*many of these items are great for quick no-cook breakfasts
· bagels (cream cheese)
· Logan Bread
· granola bars
· candy bars
· dried fruit
· GORP (nuts, M&M's raisins, yogurt peanuts, crackers, dried fruit, etc)
· Pringles
· crackers (compact kinds at health food stores)
· Wheat Thins
· Cheeses (string cheese, blocks of mozarella, etc)
· lunch meat
Cup O Soup
· Cup Noodles/Ramen
· Lipton Rice or Noodles
· vegetable soup
· potatoes and gravy (3-5 min gravy mix)
· potatoes and peas
· couscous with dried veggies
· ramen with dried veggies
· spaghetti with dried veggies(use 6oz
· can of tomato paste to make sauce)
· burritos(toritillas, refried beans, · cheese, peppers, salsa, onions)
· canned soups, etc (if you don't mind the weight)

· hot cocoa (add marshmallows)
· apple cider
· teas
· powdered lemonade (hides nasty-tasting water)

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