San Rafael Swell

Little Wildhorse Canyon
Little Wildhorse Canyon
Photo ©David Rose
A unique geologic feature, Utah's San Rafael Swell offers some of the best canyoneering in Utah. What's even more amazing is that the Swell hasn't become a wilderness area or been protected (the roadless canyon interior anyway), which it needs and deserves. Experience the Swell for yourself (on foot) and I'm sure you'll agree.

UtahWild Features
This route has a great mix of scenic views and fun obstacles that require good canyoneering skills. Uses Ramp Canyon for return trip.
This is one of the funnest, most adventuresome canyons in the San Rafael Swell, especially if you like water (swimming, wading). The route follows the San Rafael River downcanyon.
A classic Swell trip through a beautiful narrow canyon. Plan on wading much of the time.
A demanding day hike with some tough scrambling and great views from the rimrock.

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