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Like the geography, weather in Utah is incredibly diverse, anywhere from 12+ feet of snow in the mountains during winter, to 100 degree summer temperatures in some desert areas. Below are links to useful info on avalanche conditions, current road conditions, climatic data, even live web weather cams.

Related Websites
Find out the current moon phases, as well as other information and moon phase software.
This is just a quick link to the NOAA site - forecast specifically for the mountains of Northern Utah.
Lots of info here. 5-and-7-day forecasts, warnings, fire, snow, etc. This link will take you directly to the Salt Lake City section.
Another one - this link takes you directly to the Utah report. Hourly reports, forecasts, advisories and climatic data.
Climate data, forecasts, weather products, current watches/warnings.
Information from UDOT. Updated daily as road conditions change.
Avalanche Conditions
EXCELLENT site. The official and probably most trusted site for info on avalanche conditions throughout the state.
The same daily avalanche advisory, but with other different weather-related info. Detailed reports, updates, and warnings.
So what exactly does "low", "moderate", "high", or "extreme" avalanche danger mean? Find out on this page of avalanche.org.
Weather Cams
Live weather cameras in various parts of the state, operated by the University of Utah and the National Weather Service. Also general weather info.
From rsn.com, Cams for various Utah ski resorts. Also general weather forecasts.
A live web cam currently updating every 30 seconds during daylight.
From AltaCam.com, live views of Albion Basin, Mt. Superior and Greeley Bowl.

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